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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Book Review Of War Angel

What would you do to hold on to the life you love? How far would you go to finally hold that which you covet the most but has always eluded you? Are the lines between right & wrong as clearly defined as we would like to believe or are they more blurred than we would ever admit?

Either blind hope or the fear of losing what they hold dear can drive men to terrible, deadly extremes. Hector's selfish desires & Lenox's biggest fear makes them both pawns in a dangerous game that puts them on the same path of blood & violence. In the middle of lies, betrayal & cold-blooded deceit, Jahaira's life hangs precariously in the balance.

There will be pain, there will be suffering & there will be punishment but, will there be redemption?


My Two Cents

Mr. Williams is an artist who paints vivid flowing pictures with superior word play. I was pulled into this painting from the suspense filled prologue to the epic ending. Action and suspense were the vehicles that whisked you through this story. Although flowery speech can slow you down at times, the plot's unique twist and turns prevent you from putting the book down. 

The character development was so good in this novel that you start to see Jahaira, Lenox and the supporting cast as real people. You identify with their love story.  You become torn and frustrated by their struggling relationship amidst the books' constant turmoil and plot twist. The paranormal element adds depth to the story, and the three sisters will freak you out a bit. I highly recommend adding this tale to your library, and I promise you that you won't regret it.   


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Friday, November 20, 2015


When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
After I had my daughter in 2005. Having her introduced me to who I really was creatively just like my mom did with me. My mom used to sit in the window and sketch while I was creating clothes for my barbie dolls, lol. I was always into something creative but when I had my daughter, I began to see things differently through her eyes. That's when I started to journal my thoughts. Every struggle I went through I wrote about. Before long stories were forming on paper and I was falling love with that feeling.

How long does it take you to write a book?
Honestly, probably three to six months and even then I am still writing. I never want to rush anything. Because often times I am adding to the story. I would love to just take a year to write and just write.

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
I write everyday so there is no schedule for me. I work full time, I'm a mom, and a wife so I write any chance I get. Especially on Sundays. A quiet Sunday morning with a fresh cup of hazelnut coffee and everyone is still sleep is perfect for me. Otherwise I have an app on my phone so between lunches ad breaks I am writing. In the middle of the night I am writing and first thing in the morning I write. When the moment hits me, I just write. No matter where I am.

What is your latest release and what's next? 
My latest release was dedicated to domestic violence. It's called "Voices In The Dark." Took me five years to even feel comfortable releasing the book because it was a delicate issue and I took some from a family member's personal experience. I just felt like ti was time and overdue. I am currently working on part two of that book which will be a happy ending. What's next for me? I am a lover of a lot fo things so I m working on my blog, an online boutique and of course more books with my own personal story being one of them.  

Here is an excerpt from my latest boo Voices In The Dark:



At about three o'clock in the morning, he walked in as if nothing was wrong. Shalae could tell he had been drinking and smoking weed all night. He had a stench that she could smell from the couch as he stumbled past her and into their bathroom to wash up. He only washed up when he came in after being with another woman. He didn’t even notice that she was half-asleep on the couch. Shalae wanted to say something, but the doctor told her that she had to remain stress-free in her first trimester.

“What’s up, She? I know you aren’t sleep. Get the hell up and make me something to eat.” Brian always demanded that she fix him something to eat when he came in. That’s because after smoking blunts all night, he had the munchies.

“What’s the matter? Your other chick couldn’t handle fixing you something to eat?” Shalae said, not missing a beat to Brian’s comment. One thing about Shalae, her mouth was as sharp as her suits that she would wear to work. She was always getting slick by the mouth, mainly because she knew it would piss him off.
“What did you say to me? Don’t you ever speak to me like that again! Now get me my food! Crazy bitch!”
Brian, with an open hand, slapped her right across the face for her sarcastic response, sending Shalae clear across the living room floor. He made sure he always left a mark on her to remind her that he was in charge. Shalae should’ve expected that he was drunk and he would always hit her when she didn’t move fast enough to serve him. But this time, she was going to give him exactly what he wanted and deserved.

“I’m going! But the next time you hit me like that, it will be your last!” Shalae yelled as she got up from the floor and ran to the bathroom to see her bruised face.
Brian yelled from the living room, “Yeah, whatever She! How many times have you said that to me? I’m losing count! Go fix your face and get my food. Hurry the fuck up. A nigga is starving,” Brian said as he plunged into the cream leather couch Shalae bought a few weeks ago with her bonus check.

Shalae walked past Brian and into the kitchen to heat up the spaghetti she had made the night before. But this time, she was going to add a little something extra just to show Brian that she wasn’t playing his games anymore. She was tired of the beatings, the fighting she was running out of excuses at work as to why her eyes were always bruised and swollen. Shalae added some grated cheese on top of the spaghetti along with some other extra sharp ingredients.

“She! She! Don’t make me come in there after you, girl! Hurry up!” Brian yelled.

“I’m coming, dammit!” Shalae shouted from the kitchen.

As Shalae walked over to the couch, Brian was comfortable in his red and black Hanes boxers, watching the big fifty-four inch TV that she had just bought. Shalae dare not even try to change the channel because that would result in a never-ending battle with Brian’s fist in her face. It was already four am she had to be gone by six am to get to work on time. Shalae knew that after Brian ate his food, her morning would be a long one, but she didn’t care. Shalae was tired of the bullshit and she had had enough.

“Here you go, baby. I’m sorry I took so long to heat it up. But here you go your drink too. I am going to go to bed; you know I have to be up in a little while. I love you.” Shalae said with a devilish grin on her face as she walked back to their bedroom.

“Yeah…yeah…go ahead man, I’ll be in there when I’m done. You better be ready too.”
Shalae knew that once he was finished eating, he would try to have violent sex with her, but she made sure that this time it wouldn’t happen. As Shalae listened to Brian devour the spaghetti, she lay still in her bed waiting to hear the screams, but they never came. She peeked out the bedroom door to look at him through the living room mirror. He hadn’t touched his drink yet. What was he waiting for? He always went for the drink immediately after he finished his food. That was his routine. Why was he changing up his routine now?

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Friday, November 13, 2015


When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
I realized I wanted to be a writer when I was eight years old and entered a writing contest sponsored by Ebony/JET magazine. I didn't win; but, a letter they sent me addressing me as 'dear writer', lit a fire in me that never went out.
How long does it take you to write a book? 
If I can really buckle down and have little distractions, I can write a book in nine days. But, if I have a lot going on, it takes me a month to forty-five days to write a book.
What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
I have to work early in the morning when the house is quiet, which is from midnight to two in the morning. If I am on a writing streak, I will write from midnight until six in the morning, when it's time to get the kids up for school.
What is your latest release and what's next? 
My latest release is 'Big Girls On Fleek', and part two of that is currently in the works. I am working on a new series now as well and trying to get my first book turned into a play and then a movie.

Here is the amazon link to the book:



Nikki Moore was not happy. That bitch at the drive-thru window forgot that she said no pickles on her hamburger. The sandwich was loaded with them. She whipped her candy apple red Dodge Charger into the first available parking space and hopped out, bag and burger in tow. She was fuming as she marched up to the entrance, booty shaking with each step she took. Nikki was curvy in all the right places and she knew it. When she walked, it was as if the world paused until she was out of sight.
She snatched open the door, her hazel eyes searching the place for the bitch who had taken her order and fucked it up. She saw her. She threw her hips from side to side as she switched up to counter. and tossed the burger onto it. She didn’t care that she had cut several people in line. In her mind, she had already waited once, and she was not going to wait again.
“May I help you?” The cashier asked, acknowledging Nikki’s rudeness.
“It’s pickles on my fuckin’ burger and I said no pickles. I hate them.”
“I’m sorry ma’am, we’ll take care of that,” the young lady assured her, picking the burger up off of the counter.
“You better. This the third time this week y’all bitches put pickles on my fuckin’ burger. Damn, y’all  need to get ya’ shit together.”
The cashier rolled her eyes as she took the burger to the back.
Nikki glanced at the long line of people waiting to place their orders, all who seemed to be giving her the ‘you’re an embarrassment to all black people’ look.
“The fuck y’all lookin’ at?!” she snapped, folding her arms and rolling her eyes. She wished somebody would say something to her.

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Friday, November 6, 2015


 When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I first realized that I wanted to be a writer when the Devil tried to bring the thoughts of suicide into my life. Writing saved me. 
How long does it take you to write a book?
It all depends on how the story flows. It could take as little as 5 months to as much as a year. 
 What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
That also depends on how well the story is coming to me. Some days I do no writing, other days I do great amounts. 
What is your latest release and what's next?
My last release as A Fem's Playground 2: Game Over. My next book The Power Of The V will release under Diamante Publications December 18th



Here I was three years later and doing my thing. Shade decided that she wouldn’t press charges because, in her words, that’d be too easy. After she got released from the hospital, she made sure to text me and let me know that her plans at revenge were going to be sweet. I laughed at every text, she was not that stupid, she knew I had ears everywhere and pull with everyone. I could pretty much get myself out of any situation. However I was grateful that no police were called and Shade or her ugly bitch didn’t hurt me. I hadn’t seen Shade since it happened, but my BFF sees her all the time and every time she tells me how I did a number on her. As much as I wanted to kill her for hurting me I am so glad that I didn’t.
     After I caught Shade cheating, it changed my perspective of love and relationships. In my mind, it no longer existed. For months after that, I questioned what the meaning of love was. I thought I had looked it in the face for two years, slept next to it. I was dead wrong. She never loved me and I wouldn’t allow myself to believe otherwise.
I sold the house that we lived in and moved into a house in a cul-de-sac in a nice part of East Moriches, NY. There were never any financial worries after Shade left because the firm I worked for was doing well. I had my back all day, every day. I drove a nice crème colored Mercedes Benz and could partake in any luxury I desired. Even with that said I learned not to spend money like water. I was a wealthy 28 year old woman that budgeted, saved and put away.
   The life that I lived allowed me to have my pick of women. I didn’t flash money to make them come to me, I just simply spoke. There was no need to flaunt my money in women’s faces because I wasn’t planning on pursuing anything with them. Dine ‘em, do ‘em, ditch ‘em and dismiss ‘em was my motto. I let them know upfront that there was no love, relationship or titles involved after we had sex. If they couldn’t get down with that, they could not get down with me.

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