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Friday, September 18, 2015


When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I believe that I have known from a very young age that I wanted to be a writer.  I used to write stories as a child and often kept journals.  I did, however, get away from writing creatively during my teenage and university years when my focus was more dedicated to my studies.  As life took me in a completely different direction with a career in finance, it wasn't until about twenty years ago or so that I began writing once again.  Writing was an escape which helped me deal with grief over the death of a family member.  Ever since that time, I have written many short stories and a few longer ones but Sweet Charity is my first book.   

How long does it take you to write a book?

It took me approximately six months to write this first book however, at the same time I spent a great deal of time learning about self-publishing and making contacts in the indie author world.  I also lost about a month due to health reasons.  Therefore, I would say that the net time was probably about four and a half months or so.

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

I try to dedicate time everyday for writing.  However, there are times when other aspects of life have to take precedence and I am unable to write at all on those days.  A good day involves a solid 4 to 5 hours of writing. Of course as an independent author, there is a great deal of time spent on social media marketing yourself and your book. 

What is your latest release and what's next?

My latest/first release was Sweet Charity, the first book in the Black Mavericks MC Series, and I am currently writing Finding Faith, the next book in the series. 


After several attempts at trying to concentrate on her book, Charity found herself thinking about Jackson.  He was always so kind to her, and she couldn’t help wishing that she were sitting here waiting for him to come home.  Tommy was so volatile, and she never knew what mood he would be in when he came home.  She knew that she would never have to fear Jackson coming home, and had no doubt how good he would be to her.
Charity thought about the last time they had met about the renovations on Sweet Charity’s, and how handsome he looked, with those cute dimples of his and that body full of rippling muscles.  He was so sexy, and even though she knew it was wrong, she was very attracted to him.  If she read had him correctly, she thought he almost kissed her then.  She couldn’t help but think what it would be like if he had.  Then totally lost in her fantasies, she imagined Jackson holding her in his arms, nipping at her lips, and tasting her with his skillful tongue.  She remembered how good he always smelled with his clean smelling cologne--she could actually smell it now!  She could feel the light tickling of his short beard as it moved over her skin, his nose trailing down her neck, and down further still to the tops of her breasts, as chill bumps broke out over her now as they did in her fantasy.  
Next thing she knew, her blouse was completely unfastened, and Jackson’s lips were tugging at her hard, swollen nipples.  She was so lost in her thoughts, that she didn’t even realize it was she, who had just unfastened her blouse and was now plucking at her own nipples with her fingers.  Next she felt Jackson’s work calloused fingers as they stroked through her slippery folds and rubbed her clit--all the while, she was the one rubbing her swollen clit, her fingers wet just thinking about the man.  As she slowly lay back on the couch, she imagined him lowering his mouth over her clit and tugging and sucking, as his fingers continued to stroke in and out.  When she cried out her release, and lay panting for several seconds against the couch cushions, it was then that she came back to reality, and realized that she had just cum from thinking about a man she shouldn’t have been.

Saturday, September 12, 2015


When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
I always wrote, but I started writing professionally with erotic poetry and stories for the fans on my social media pages. Yahoo groups, MSN Groups were the main places I displayed my work. Nevertheless, in 2006 when I gave my life to the Lord the focus of my writing changed. I decided I couldn’t continue to write the types of works I had made a name with and serve the Lord. My works became inspirational and centered on uplifting folks in various ways. I haven’t turned back since and my works have been highly received.

How long does it take you to write a book?
 There is no set time for me to give. Unlike many authors who feel they need to write every day, I am not that way. I have to force myself to sit down and finish work I’ve started. A Man in Transition my first book, only took a few months. It’s a collection of poems and inspirations I had placed on various sites. It wasn’t difficult to complete. My second book, “From Gigolo to Jesus” took much longer. Writing your memoir is difficult on its own, but for me it was deciding whose names I was going to leave out. I started in 2006 and didn’t release the book until 2011.

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
 My work schedule changes when writing because I am a full time educator and publisher. So when I’m writing I have to work in getting those things done as well. I also have to push myself to complete projects because I love to talk but sitting at my computer doesn’t move me like many other authors. I write because I like to and enjoy the process but at times it can feel like a chore. Currently I am working on going back to recording my work and allowing someone to transcribe the work which I can then send to my editor to edit. I have started to plan out my writing more with having so much to do. One has to take on the skills of the successful if they are to be successful themselves.

What is your latest release and what's next?
My latest release is Lukewarm Saint. My first attempt at writing fiction. I have written short stories but this is the first time I am trying my hand at writing a novel. This book is going to be close to 50,000 words. Plus it’s a genre I don’t have a strong history with since my last book was my memoir. I took on the challenge because I wanted to create the type of story I would like to read.
In this story a handsome educator, named Kevin, loves to entertain different women, but he starts to have guilty feelings which begin to tug at his spirit. He’s not sure why but it pulls him in different directions. He has two friends, Richard, James. Richard is reformed drug dealer who loves his family and love his connection to the Lord as a born again Christian. He does what he can to convince Kevin to change his life. While, James is the owner of a strip club and has the mind set a man should do what he wants to as many women as he can. He feeds the womanizing side of Kevin.
Kevin also has his mother and grandmother doing what they can to convince him to change his current path or he will end up like his father and grandfather. Their fates are explained within the story. All of this comes to an explosive situation which brings about a choice Kevin has to make.  
I’m also one of the writers in an upcoming anthology titled The Soul of A Man, 2. (Peace in the Storm Publishing)  Set for release on Christmas Day. This anthology brings twenty men of color to the table to express themselves in inspirational ways through the power of the written word. The first book The Soul of a Man was released in 2009. Thirteen men of color writing fictional and nonfictional stories of men overcoming negative situation through their faith. We won 2009 Anthology of the Year. It was an honor to be asked to take part in the second book after the success of the first. 

Excerpt from:
Lukewarm Saint
Kevin’s mother stopped sweeping and stared at his face.
“What’s wrong, baby? You look like you have a lot of stress on your mind. Come on in.”
“Ma, I wanted to kick it with you a little bit. I wanted to ask you something.”
“All right. Go ahead.”
“You know Richard and James. We’ve been boys...”
Before Kevin could finish his mother cut him off, “Yeah, I know. You’re whole life. You and Richard were like twins, and James came when you were 10. Yeah, I know the whole story. You have been boys your whole lives.” Kevin’s mother was trying cut the small talk, sensing there was a problem.
“Yeah, but Ma, things are different now.”
“What do you mean, different? Talk to me, son.”
Kevin took a big swallow and decided to speak on what was bothering him.
“James said something to me last night, and I have to admit it’s been eating at me.”
“Okay. What happened?”
“He said that he and I are the same and the life I’m living is just as sinful as the life he’s living and that can’t be true, right?” Kevin’s eyes faced the ground out of fear his mother was not going to say anything favorable. Kevin’s mother placed her soft but wrinkled hands on his face and lifted his chin up from his chest. As only a mother who loves her child could, she spoke frankly as she had his whole life.
“What do you want, the good news first or the bad news?”
“You know me. Give me the bad news.”
“Well, son, James is right. You are living just as sinful as he is. You didn’t need me to tell you that. So please tell me what is really bothering you.”
Kevin reluctantly asked, “So what the hell is the good news?”
“Well, the good news, son, is you have some understanding of the Lord. James doesn’t, so he’s further lost than you are.”
“All right, okay, help me out here. I mean, I read the Bible, and I go to church with you on Sundays, but I am not sure I understand what you are saying? If sin is sin, there is no difference, so there can’t be a good side.”
Kevin’s mother smiled as she listened to her son.
“What I’m saying is imagine both of you are drowning. James is in over his head, and you’re up to about your nose, so you are still getting a little air in. James is under the water and can’t see where he is."
Kevin nodded, more out of feeling the need to do something than from him fully understanding his mother.
“Son,” his mother continued, “what’s happening now is your Holy Spirit is being tossed back and forth because of the relationships you have with your friends. The Bible is clear. It says to flee all sinful situations and here you have a friend who makes his living off sinful situations, which means every time you get together, his sinful nature is brought to your table. But you have your own problems. You have become your grandfather, and so James, not realizing it, is speaking the truth.

This Ebony Cover is from Feb 2012 when the wife and I were feature for my book From Gigolo to Jesus and our company Bravin Publishing

Contact info
Lukewarm Saint, Inspirational Fiction
From Gigolo to Jesus, Memoir,
A Man In Transition, Poetry
Word Play 1, Words are our Canvas, Poetic anthology (Featured)
Soul of a Man 1, Inspirational Anthology
Soul of a Man 2, Inspirational Anthology

Featured in many other anthologies and short stories and owner of Bravin Publishing LLC est 2010 with 17 titles to date.

Book Review of Mondo Bohemiano

Is there life after having your heart destroyed? When ‘happily ever after’ crashes and burns? 

In the shadow of losing the love of his life, one man attempts to salvage his soul. He is Nigel Q. Bunnytail. Twenty-something, artistic warrior prince, and sex fiend par excellence. 
To accomplish this, he decides to leave behind the tainted trappings of his Philadelphia and his band of gifted friends, for the rustic charm of Spokane, Washington - and the white-haired therapist Sigrid Anderson, who can’t wait to either marry him or dissect him. 

Mondo Bohemiano is a love and sex farce – sometimes funny, sometimes poignant - and maybe equally instructive on what to do as well as what to avoid.

My Two Cents

Mondo Bohemiano (the title screams originality) is the story of how Nigel Q. Bunnytail recovers from love unrequited, however it's not your average romantic tragedy. It opens in the poetic subculture of 1995 Philadelphia, (two things very close to this author's heart), and then it takes you on a very colorful journey with a host of unique characters. 

Quentin J. Parker descriptive prose paints rich scenes and intense characters that makes this a fast paced and enjoyable read. I look forward to future works. Very well done sir. 5 stars!

Advanced Review Copy Provided by the Author. 
Review Posted to Amazon

Friday, September 4, 2015

Book Drama ~ Author Spotlight ~ B. Berry

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Like most writers, I’ve always loved to read and I daydreamed of one day writing a book. After a few half-attempts, I put my pen down. It wasn’t until my children were grown and my disability required me to leave the work force that I realized my dream and became published for the first time in 2007.

How long does it take you to write a book?

   I’m a pretty slow writer, because I’m a procrastinator, so it usually takes about a year to complete a full-length novel.

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

I love writing during the wee hours best. The quiet at that time is somehow different. I do write during the day at times when my mind is racing with colorful scenes 

 What is your latest release and what's next? 

 My latest release is a murder mystery called COLD SERIAL. It’s the second in the COLD series, the first being COLD CRAZY. But I’d like to push my book entitled CLOTHESLINE BLUES because it’s a book I’ve been trying desperately to get into the hands of readers.
 I’m working on my fifth novel entitled LILAC ROAD. Although my chosen genre is murder mysteries, I’ve always wanted to write a romance novel. The problem is someone ends up being murdered. Maybe next time!  

CLOTHESLINE BLUES by B. Berry is a story of two women searching for peace in their lives while trying to make a life during the Jim Crow days. Back then, black people were not afforded the services that white people took for granted. So when they began to have trouble in their marriages, no one came to the rescue when things became abusive.

While the events of Bloody Sunday swirl around in the background of their world and The Movement came to their doorsteps, they joined forces, forgoing all morals and keeping each other’s secrets, they manage to pull off the unbelievable. Will these two women get the peace they each so desperately seek?

I’d love to hear from readers. I can be reached on Facebook under the name Barbara Grovner, by email at or you can visit my website at All books are available at in paperback and for Ereaders.


“Woman, these potatoes are cold! When are you going to learn to get all the food to the table at the same time? Everything is supposed to be hot, not just this or that! Everything!” Frank’s voice boomed throughout the room like thunder, the silverware rattled loudly as he slammed his meaty hand on the table to make his point. He was sitting at the large oval dining room table with dinner fit for a king spread out before him. As usual, Hilda had cooked what he wanted to eat, yet he still was not satisfied. He glared menacingly at her, waiting until he had her full attention then he raised his eyebrows and cleared his throat arrogantly as if to remind her of what he’d just said.

Hilda was jolted out of her daydream, blinked her eyes, and returned to the present moment. She immediately thought of jumping up and walking out the door, covering her ears with both hands. But instead, she quietly and calmly took the bowl of mashed potatoes, carried it to the kitchen, and put them back into the pot on the stove. She turned the flame down low and leaned against the counter to wait for them to warm up. As she stirred the pot, she thought again about when she and Frank first got together, those days she thought she couldn’t get enough of him. She’d truly thought he was the answer to her grief and loneliness after her father had passed; she clung to him for dear life, relying on him to make her whole again, and for a while he did just that.

Work From Home They Said with John H. Howard

I am a very stubborn and impulsive person. I always have been, and I probably always will be. And, although these attributes serve me w...