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Monday, April 23, 2012

Walking hurts so good :-)

Blog 4/22/12

My friend Gloria put a fitness walk as a facebook event and tagged me. I was like Ohhhh fuck yeah, I'm down! I've been walking two miles every other day and I was excited to get a little company.

Overjoyed is a better word... I was overfuggenjoyed :-)

We were going to walk the trail behind the Art Museum (2.4 miles) at 7 am bright and early Sunday morning. My truck is in the shop so I had to take Septa. I hate septa with a burning passion, but this fat aint fittin to fall off by itself so I checked the schedules online. The bus I needed wasn't running that early.


I logged on to fb to cancel and one of the women (Nichole) walking offered to give me a lift. She lives clear on the other side of town. too damn sweet!!!!

Okay so the walk was back on... except ... I couldn't find my keys. My front door locks in and out. I only had keys to the back door. When my ride came, I had to go out the back door, climb the fence, walk through the alley, and do a running hurdle over the trash at the end.


long story short... We met up with Gloria and  Walked.

I met a great group of women along the way. look up they are awesome. everytime they walked by they clapped and cheered and smiled and encouraged. I was beside myself with respect and admiration!

I jogged a quarter of a mile and paid for it dearly the next day.

I'm sore and happy and looking forward to our next walk

#teamskinnyknees #ImAllin

Until next time


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