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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Writing through tears

and through fire...

I've heated up my coffee three times this morning.  Finding it hard to focus on anything, but I press on because trouble don't last always. I've been brought low... so low... BUT I'VE BEEN DOWN BEFORE. My troubles are many and my friends are few. THROUGH IT ALL, I WRITE... what else can I do?

The old remedies of drinking and eating my problems away are no longer options. My health just can't take it....

So I write... and I listen to gospel music on youtube, and I cry...wipe my tears, and promote on fb and twitter... add a sentence or two, stare out the window... pray... reflect... Hit repeat until the pain eases. Hit repeat until I can feel it. Write some more. look up inspirational quotes. Bible verses... anything to quiet my spirit and help me go on.

Face the mistakes I've made.

Face the consequences of those mistakes

Be truthful to myself.

Look for the lesson, Julia.

One step ... in front of the other...



I said all this to say... I fucked up. It hurts, and I'm trying to fix it!

until next time

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