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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Purple Toes

I get a gift for every 10lbs I drop off my frame. First up was a mani-pedi (spring in full swing, time to pull those toes out right?) and I hovered at a frustrating 9lb lost for about  two weeks. I had the blues... (well maybe not blues but I wasn't overjoyed!)

Well long story short...

My mother and I run errands together on the weekdays that I'm off, and the other day she was in a great big hurry. It was warm and I decided to wear my short shorts to show off my thick thighs( love the skin you're in right?) anywho... She was rushing/nagging/yelling at me whilst I painted my fingernails. It went sort of like this

"Will you come on?"
"Mom, my nails aren't dry."
"Why are you getting all dolled up, you trying to catch a man? We are just going to the supermarket"
"No, mom," I said rolling my eyes and smiling. "I can get pretty just for me."
She mumbled something and then went downstairs and started hollering (I love that woman.)

Distracted I bent over and began painting my toenails. No big deal...


I haven't been able to bend over and paint my own toenails since 1996. I haven't been able to see my feet standing upright since 1996. I'm afraid I shall never  ever never go and pay for a pedicure never ever never again. I'm so friggen happy and I've been happy for days.

I have since bought nail polish in every single color.

It's working people!

Until next time


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


That's what I'll be working until I'm out of my personal recession. I have three this week and four next week... pray fo me blog world! I will be walking on my breaks... If time permits.

I skipped walking yesterday. After dropping off a case of books to Black and Nobel and grocery shopping, I was beat and I spent the remainder of the day in bed watching old Disney movies(my favorite past time) I was recently involved in a bit of he say she say that gave me the blues. I was teleported into the tenth grade with all of the intense emotional pain and insecurity.

It sucked on so many levels...

I think/hope I will have reached my ten pound goal by friday which means I'll be getting a mani-pedi on Saturday... EXCITED... I'll be a pullin the toes out!!! I've set a gift for every 10lbs I dispose of... the next gift will be a KINDLE... (I'll be incorporating a lot of rabit food in my diet cause I want one bad, real bad, super bad.)

I have a love story buzzing in my brain for my girl Begonia. I don't know why her character is still with me. The others are all gone. I've been spending a lot of time in my old neighborhood to get a feel for my new series... this could be the reason... I don't know. Begonia was the first character I fell in love with, and that could explain it, I guess. lol... I don't know. I just know that she was on my mind when I woke up this morning and I see a relationship budding with her and a certian US Martial... I'll leave it at that.

I am way behind my writing schedule. I hope to finish a chapter on my evening shift dinner break.

Until next time


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spaghetti ...

I was totally domestic today. I washed clothes, and cleaned up a little, and I made spaghetti(and I put my foot in it!). I napped for six hours in between all of that good stuff.

I listened to the rain and took a little stroll in it. I bought fruit and arranged it all pretty like on the dinning room table (I saw that on my cousin Crystal's table and copied). Yesterday my cousin Crystal, and aunt Jackie treated my mother and I to dinner. I love my family! We had so much fun eating at Blue2O (the stuffed shrimp and crab cakes is the business) I was totally drunk and felt totally loved by some pretty awesome women!

I hope we can do it again soon, and I hope to hang with Betty and Nea! (hint hint!)

Although Mr. Billy Blanks is out to kill me. I set my alarm an hour and 15minutes early so I can Taebo. (I'm going to look so damn hawt this summer you heard.)

I've found happy again(I couldn't see it behind all the stress). Times are hard, bills need to be paid, got to eat, kinda partial to the roof over my head, so I hustle hard, and count my blessings.

Hakuna Matata People


Life happens when you make plans

That's my mother's saying. It's a good one and so true. I've never run into obstacles until I try to plan something... I'm a planner--can't seem to operate with out one. However, the more I plan the more obstacles seem to spring up in my path.

Such is life...

I do have to work harder(and more focused) and learn not to overextend myself(one thing at a time Juls), and maybe, just maybe, I get a handle on things.

Cause, baby, things have gone astray!

The key, as far as I can tell, is to not be moved by what it looks like, and focus on the solution. So I walk on. My mother and I walked to my brothers house on Thursday, and that's a good two miles give or take a few feet. I walked to the bank yesterday after I parked 6 blocks away... it counts in my book, and today, after the laundry is done, I'm going to walk to the post office.

you've just been caught up!

I'm giving myself a pass. I have decided not to beat up on myself if a I can't blog er'day. I want to, but I have to settle into the fact that life happens when you make plans and some things are out of my control

I've decided that I'm not going to beat myself up anymore (I'm starting to bruise lol)

Until next time


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Today was the suckiest day of all crapped filled fugged up days.

However I am still walking, and praying, and pushing

Good night

April 12 ~ D2

I walked in the rain. I went to the IRS (never fun) I had steak and wine. (in celebration)

If you are my friend on fb, then you know I scored a VCR from a flea market a while back and I am a little obsessed with it. I go to different thrift stores every three days looking for more Video Tapes (the spice of life)
I watched Pretty Woman and Mrs Winterborne twice yesterday while tweaking my outline for my upcoming novel Fornication.

Begonia's character has been popping up in my head as of late and I feel as though I will be writing a romantic novella concerning her budding relationship with a certain US Marshal. (I truly thought I was done with Begonia *sigh*)

I think I have enough courage to try out a new Taebo tape, although I'm still on the fence about it. I am going to set up my stand rediculously early this morning...

See you on the street


Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11 Day one!

My bed is covered with outlines for new writing projects, old plays that I wrote way back when, and scrubs fresh from the dryer. I still managed to find a clean corner, curl up(kind of) and take a late, late, overly past due, cat nap.


It took an additional hour, all the strength of my soul, and divine intervention for me to get up and write this blog.


Well I won't rehash all of the sorted details of why I'm starting this discipline building blog over that's what archives are for, but I will say I took a day off to see if this was something that I wanted to continue. I don't, but seeing as how the scrubs are still on the bed from my early morning adventure with the laundry, I am still in need of a daily dosage of self control...

I walked early this morning to beat the heat. I ate oatmeal for breakfast and opened my book stand at a new location. I was on a roll. Then the sun broke through the clouds and really turned my frown upside down. Beautiful day indeed.

I sold a few books, wrote a few chapters and booked a couple of days work at the hospital.

I'm happy, tired, but happy.

Good Night Blog World.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Starting over



DAY 19

The walk was short (one mile). I opened the stand in the freezing cold and thought about my future in the biz. I have great big ole dreams that I hope to make reality. Did I tell you that it was freezing outside!!!

I turned the Pandora app on my blackberry to the Jill Scott station and put the pen to paper.  I wrote my arse off in the frigid temps and sold a couple of books.

I am trying to live complete off of my gift and it’s an adjustment (the hold feast and famine thing is quite a ride!) I have to take a business course and a finance course.  Classes start in September so until then I’ll just be reading everything I can get my hands on.

I just found out that my beloved borders is closing downtown…  Sad!

Day 20

The rain shut the stand down… I need some heavy duty plastic and a tent… I don’t care if I make 10 bucks in the rain; I can’t make that home in my office…

I did taebo because I couldn’t walk and Mr. Blanks kicked the everlovingtar out of my behind.  After the work out I took a quick shower and sat down in my office to get some serious writing done. My son has been playing around with a fantasy story. He came in my office and asked for my help with it, and we got lost in that for a couple of hours.

Then I got in the car

Why in the name of everything good and holy did I do that? Philly’s Friday rush hour traffic in the rain… really Julie? REALLY? I had to pray several times ROAD RAGE… I had to have cursed out 15 people before God gave me a little peace…

Tamika Newhouse dropped by my  house to leave me some books for the stand and she said I was slimming down. MADE MY FUGGIN DAY…

Well that’s all for now…

I start this Journey fresh tomorrow…

30 days + 30 walks + 30 blogs = Disciplin (who knew it would be so hard)

Until tomorrow


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 18

I had a pretty good day. I walked early, and ran some errands before opening the stand. The sun was shining, but the wind was a hawking, and the temp remained five thousand below zero. I was cold as all hell and forced to divide my time between rubbing my legs for warmth and holding my racks down so that the wind didn’t knock them over. GREAT FUN!

Between you and me…

I’d much rather have a hellish day at my own book stand than a good day working for someone else, so I was pleased as pie despite the conditions. My son and I worked on his short story for a couple of hours and then I took a nap that turned into a coma-like slumber.

I just woke up…

I did a bit of research and character sketches for an upcoming project. And now I’m sipping tea and blogging with you guys. I wonder if a book on organization would help my chaotic life. I’d pay perty penny for a book like that. (It probably would need to come with someone that would actually make me apply its suggestions) So sad!

In any event, I’ve a busy day ahead of me.

So until later


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 17

Missing blogs… I worked Sunday and Monday, and didn’t write blogs for those days. I walked, but I didn’t blog, and I was devastated.

I failed, I thought. I wanted to do this consistently for thirty days and I failed. I cried. I drank too much wine. I fell asleep, and when I woke up I decided that I’m going to continue. It’s not easy, but I’m soooo worth it. I am worth getting up, dusting off, and trying again.

I have been running around nonstop for about 2 weeks so I decided to take a day off and do nothing but things to make me smile. I walked early in the morning. My mom made breakfast and we went to the thrift store. I scored three Disney VHS tapes for my VCR. (I love it and I’m getting all the best old movies for pennies… sigh)

I did some outlining and am in the process of writing my new book.
I took a break to write this blog before I got too swept away by the story.  We are of converting the basement into a family rec room and gym. Uber excited!!!

In the past I always allowed slipups to stop me. I can beat myself up like nobody’s business.  I don’t want to be that person anymore. As I grow and mature I realize that it’s never about the fall, It’s always about getting back up!

Until tomorrow


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 14

Okay, blogworld, I woke up nervous as hell. I was to hold my first book signing at my 29th and Dauphin location, and I wasn’t sure how it was going to be received.  I was nervous for the author, Marcel Emerson. I wanted him to do well and come away with a positive experience. I waited for my phone to charge and walked for 45 minutes. My pace was super slow and my mind was abuzz with what ifs.

I took my time getting ready. I checked and rechecked all the stuff I needed. For what I don’t know because I left half of it home. Once at the stand I had to drive all the way back home to get Marcel’s table.

I felt like a major dork!

But, Marcel did well despite it all! I am humbled by the love I receive in my city, and inspired by the generosity of spirit.


The video footage I recorded had a major lag time with sound. I’ll be trying to fix that all night. I am doing a double shift at work and working on the edits on my breaks.

I have instituted a strict writing schedule for the month of April. I’ve several projects in the works and I am excited about them all!

I hopefully can get a walk in on my evening meal break.

Until later


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 13

I walked in the rain/snow for about 45 minutes. I was cold wet and happy. This quest for discipline seems to be working. I mean, I’m definitely sticking to it thus far, if shitty-ass weather isn’t stopping my strides, I don’t think anything will.

I want it bad, you know…

All of it, not just weight loss… I want to be the woman I dreamed of as a little girl. Powerful.
Whenever I was in a relationship, I would give the dude my all. Every, and anything to make him happy, keep him satisfied, and I believed that effort would be reciprocated. I looked to them to make me as happy as I tried to make them. It never worked. EVER!

Silly rabit...

I know now that happiness is a choice, a simple decision. I started making that choice every morning. “I am going to be happy today.”  I would say upon rising, and unlike the method I described above with the dudes, this worked.  95% of the time it works.

So now I’m happy. Oh I have bad days. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know this to be true. However, over, and under, and through it all, I am happy.

Since I have this happiness thing in the bag, I am on the pursuit of power.
Power - ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.
I have flirted with this principal in the past (that’s how I published those books you know), but I want the strength and conviction to accomplish all of my dreams.

That’s what this blog is about.

30 days + 30 walks + 30 blogs = Discipline = Power

I’m deep… lol

Until later


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