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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 11

It was a bad day. I had a rough night, but the day, well the day took the damn cake. I walked early with a good friend. I got to my book stand late, but I beat the rain, and started selling quickly. I was good. Then the cops came. They ran up on me like I was selling crack (major weight, not nickle and dime stuff). They demanded to see my license and then kicked me off a corner that I had a right to be on.

I cried…

However a few of my regular customers ran up and started giving the cops a hard time. Angela wiped my tears and offered to buy my book. She turned to one of the cops. “Can I have a pen so this AUTHOR can sign the book she wrote? She’s not hurting anybody and providing a service to a community that really needs it, but I understand, It aint like y’all have criminals to catch, or anything.”


Other people came over and helped me break down. They all bought something and gave the police what for. I sat in my car and waited for one of the officers to bring me my paperwork. I was deflated. Driving to L&I my friend tried to comfort me. It took a while but my spirit rebounded. L&I was closed so I went home and tried to get an updated vendor restriction list online. It wasn’t available.

I took a minute to get my head together, took a shower, poured a glass of wine, and then fell down the steps.


I decided to be still. I put on the TV and watched a couple of old movies.

Here’s to a better tomorrow


Day 10

I got up and got going … I hit Black and Nobel for new releases and then sat up my stand on Bridge and Pratt. I need to pack a lunch and buy a mini cooler cause I can’t go back to eating all of that fast/junk food.
I have lost five pounds so far with my little walks. However, the real change has come from what I neglected to mention in my blogs.


I am cooking three meals a day and snaking on fruit instead of chocolate juniors and cheese curls. HERS CHEESE CURLS are peppered with crack.

That is the only thing that explains my obsession.

I have a big belly and I’m talking third trimester big so I am thinking of investing in an want of those ab dodads to help me whittle my middle!

In other news….

I love, love , love, love, my mini documentary… The next episode airs Monday 4/4/11 so stay tuned!
I am walking early this morning to the post office to get review copies out for Violet… (When I get a little sleep, I get bright ideas) This walk kills two birds with one stone.

I have to adjust the time I walk in any event… because It is becoming hard to keep it on the schedule at the end of the day… I am so fucking tired when I get home that it takes every ounce of will I got to get the walk in… so from here on out…. I’m walking in the morning…

When I get off the stand I am going to blog about today! I have to get the timeline of this blog back on track

30 days + 30 walks + 30 blogs = Discipline

Until tonight good people

PS – I really dig your support, you following me and commenting on facebook adds a level of accountability that helps me stick with this!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 9

I ran around all day… I laid tracks down in the studio, sold books at the stand, and edited an introduction to my mini documentary called “My Grind,” which I’m still working on. Lol
I went for a walk around 7pm. I walked for thirty minutes thinking about the shoes I want this spring. I wasn’t bogged down today by life’s hard choices. I was cool. (for that moment)
Then I came home and started to upload the footage of the day. It occurred to me that I needed to introduce my books to those who weren’t familiar with my series. So I recorded a brief summary of my books and edited that…
I had no idea what I was getting into! lol
But, that’s usually the case. I have an idea, and I’m on it like an arrow racing to the target. Mid-way there I’m like, what the hell, whose idea was this? My father gave me an essay when I was eighteen. It said that the universe honors commitments. If you commit to a decision with your whole heart, the universe will bend to make it so. I’ve made all major and minor decisions with that philosophy in mind.
And look where it has brought me…
I’m sitting at my laptop when everyone else is asleep. I’m blogging and editing an episode of my documentary.
As the hours passed by and I watch this video for the hundredth time, my confidence waivers, but the love of what I do holds strong.
I write because it’s like breathing. I market to reach new readers, because it’s necessary.
My eyes are stinging, my back is aching, my head is pounding, and yet I have a smile on my face.
Until next time


Day 8

I woke up with a much better attitude. I can’t cut out sleep on this quest to find discipline. I worked at a busy hospital this weekend doing back to back 12 hour shifts—total exhaustion! The mouth pain greeted me like an old lover about noon, but I pressed on. I’m getting used to it now and my next dental apt isn’t until Thursday, so I thought, Julia buck up… and I did
I walked by the river when I got off work. I love all bodies of water, because I’m part fish, so the walk felt more relaxing.
A few days ago I made a decision to pull out of an anthology I was writing for. I forgave myself by the river. I didn’t even know how much that decision was bothering me until I started walking and thinking of all the promotional work I’ve got to do over the next couple of months. That was the cause of my sudden sadness at work on Saturday. I am, at times, overwhelmed with this business. If it wasn’t for the loyalty and generous spirit of my readers, I would have walked away from publishing a year ago.
They keep me going. Point blank.
Then there’s Japan, and Haiti, and the real suffering the world over. My problems are put in true perspective against these harsh realities. I get a grip, and get over myself. I donated to the Red Cross and encourage everyone to do the same. My father always told me that depression comes from losing sight of your blessings. An awesome truth.
The pain was gone by the time I came home and ideas started to flow about ten o’clock. I was so engrossed with this writing spurt that I didn’t want to stop. So I didn’t. I banged out three chapters and promptly passed out.
I am still walking, still learning about myself and still blogging
Until tonight

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 7

I worked, I ate, I facebooked, I tweeted, I walked and now I shall sleep, because I’m tired as hell.
I’d like to know why I came up with this idea… I need a vacation!
30 days + 30 walks + 30 blogs = Discipline (and sleep deprivation)
That is all

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 6

Well folks I walked my ass off today. I started early and I did it often. (The walk to the post office damn near killed me though. I was thinking of getting my stomach stapled, and my mouth sewed up partially, lipo suction, crack… any and everything possible to lose weight without diet and exercise. On the walk back to the house I had to stop myself from ordering a pizza and calling a cab!
I was buggin… lol
 I didn’t experience any mouth pain, Halleluiah and THANK YOU JESUS! So I set up my book stand on the corner of Bridge and Pratt, and worked on my outline. I’m here to tell ya that, that there was a real good thing. I haven’t been able to write any fiction in a week and a half. So I was wayyyyy overdue.
I can barely keep my eyes open as I write this, so I’m going to call it a night!
Until next time

Day 5

I was so happy to get off of work early yesterday. I rarely work 8 hour days, preferring to do a 12 or 16 hour shift. However, I had so much work to do for my pub company that I viewed the short work day as a sweet gift.
And it was…
I rushed right home and got down to business. I uploaded all three titles to Barnes and Nobles (that took me three hours) I popped pain pills like candy and answered a few overdue emails. I tried to work on an outline for an upcoming novel, but I couldn’t focus… I cleaned up and did a couple loads of laundry instead.
Why did I do that…
I was officially ready to go to bed at 8 o’clock when I remembered that I hadn’t walked yet. Fuck walking was my first thought… lol (it was my second, and third thought as well.) I got up off the bed, threw on sweats, set Pandora on a jay z station, and hit the track.
My heart was definitely not in it…
This shit is for the birds, I thought, as I did my first lap. My love handles were burning, my mouth was hurting, and I wanted to go to sleep. (I think I was chanting that at one point). Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments,” aka my shit came through my headphones, and I started rapping like I was on tour. A string of hits from the late 90’s started playing and I was in Hip Hop heaven and wasn’t paying attention to my burning thighs. I did five laps roughly 2 miles and came home.
I was proud of myself but exhausted beyond belief. I showered and climbed in the bed with my robe on. I didn’t even make it under the covers.

I’m definitely walking early today so I can at least blog before bed!
Until next time

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 4

I woke up (for the second time today) nervous. Lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, taking deep breaths, and trying to find the courage needed to face the day. I had to go back to the dentist and will be going just about weekly until all of my oral problems are a memory.
I hate the dentist… and that’s all I’m going to say about that (in my Forest Gump voice)
After I came home, I filled my goblet to the rim with Moscato and sat in the window watching the rain. I’d logged on to facebook and twitter, but I wasn’t really participating. I think I did it out of habit. I pulled out my journal and looked at all the writing projects that needed to be completed.
I was overwhelmed and had to make some pretty hard choices.
After I attempted to write, at least work on an outline, it occurred to me that the rain wasn’t going to let up and if I wanted to get a walk in… shit … now or never. I wrapped my face in a scarf, put on my oversized down coat, and hit the streets.
A funny thing happened on my walk
I found strength. My legs and feet were hurting, and the small of my back was burning like a cheap tricks crotch, but I was becoming stronger in my convictions.
I can’t do it all. I have to let a few things go. Once I accepted this, lightning clapped and thunder rolled (because it was raining… lol.) However, the world, our wonderful, wonderful world did not stop spinning on its axis. Everything is going to be okay, and I am going to bed with a little less stress!


Until next time

Day 3

Day three was a fight! I fought my way out of bed and arrived at work a half hour late. I worked twelve hours on the locked down union, and that is never fun. I went for a walk when I got home after I had dinner and it felt like undo torture.
Worst of all…
I fell asleep without writing my daily blog and had to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to get it done.
I’m tired, but the fact that this simple thing is so fuggen hard to do, well, it’s begging to spur me on. I can’t be that far gone that a daily walk feels like a stint in perdition. I can’t be! I’m not going to do my usual guilt ridden diatribe on how I went to sleep without blogging. I was/am tired and this is a fuggen trial, so I’m gonna give myself a pass. I’ll blog this morning for yesterday and tonight for today.
As I sit here at this God forsaken hour of the morning… hunched at my desk…  needing coffee, and a shower, and a few more hours of sleep… a funny thing happens. I realize that I’m not beating myself up. A slither of pride seeps out of my soul, rides up my spine and pulls the corners of my mouth into a wide smile.

Until next time

Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 2

30 days + 30 walks + 30 blogs = discipline

I had a boss ass day, blog world! I could not ask for a better one. It just flowed, and I feel good. I went for my walk at about 3pm… It took me that long to convince myself to go. (Day 2 and I’m struggling already. Claude, have mercy)
This morning I got a chance to talk to a good friend about the publishing industry and life in general… that put me in a good place. I mailed out about ten review copies, went for a walk, thought about writing a lot of shit. Current word count … zero!!! After my walk I convinced myself not to order a pizza, and my son helped me cook dinner. J
I’m tired as hell but I’m pressing on... nobody’s going to do all this work for me … I am working on my outline … gearing up for my second quarter of sales and promotional campaigns, and genuinely being awesome(which isn’t easy)

Until next time

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 1

I’m trying like hell to make myself a priority… It’s a foreign concept for me.  I put myself last in everything and I just have to stop. I realize I just got this one life, one lil tour on this rock and it goes by pretty quickly. Yesterday I was celebrating my 25th birthday and in a few months I’ll be 34.
Your life is over or damn near over and you’re stuck with a bunch of regrets, or paying the consequence for a string of bad choices… I don’t want to be in that space. I want to live life fully, with a pinch of wisdom.
Here’s the thing, typing all of that is much, much easier than doing it. I am an impulsive emotionally driven individual, with a short attention span, and a flair for procrastination (not a good combo), but I’m determined to add discipline to the mix.
Here goes nothing…
For the next thirty days I will walk and blog daily. I’ve something to prove to myself. I want to ensure that I’m at the top of my priority list (right under God). I want to live healthy and write often. Giving both my body and my passion the respect they deserve.
 I walked 22 city blocks, drank water, worked on my current novel, and blogged... not to shabby :-)
Until next time

Saturday, March 5, 2011

On my world (regional lol) tour

I am so nervous. You would think this is my first time out the gate. Ah, well, I’m putting on my big girl panties and heading out the door. Today I am signing with the DC BookDiva!  It’s a mobile book store in Washington DC on Minnesota Ave, between Clay and Dix Street. My nerves are setting in and I’m a little scurred, but I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to meet new readers in a new city. This is the fun part!
I made my first face book video documenting the tour and I’ll be posting pictures and information about contest as soon as time permits. My son is featured on this tour with me ‘cause I truly could not do this without him. I love you all and I will see ya in the streets
In other news…
I am joining weight watchers this week (those Jen Hud commercials wore me down…lol) I’ve lost ten pounds on my own but I need help… so I’m gonna go get some. We are converting the guest bedroom into a gym and I’ll let you guys know about the progress with that. However, for now, I’m a walking my arse off… Literally.

Until Next time

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