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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My upcoming novel is due to hit stands on Christmas of this year. I am nervous as all get out. You would think that this time out the gate would be different....


The plot of this novel was the most complicated work I've ever attempted. The struggle to keep the storyline as real as possible while introducing extraordinary circumstance had me wanting to pull my hair out! In Violet's story you will revisit the characters of both of my previous novel. They've all been dealt a very bad hand in their young lives but grace, cunning,  raw street grit, and an unbreakable bond of love and friendship carries them through a shit-storm strong enough to break the mightiest of men. This book is one helluva a ride and...


I tinker with this story everyday. I am giving myself until Friday to release it to my editors. Christmas is a very short 26 days away...OMG If it weren't for the eleventh hour...

To whom it may concern:

I ain’t got no excuses for the shit I did. Ain’t nothing I can say to make it right. You play with fire, you get burned, and my ass was set ablaze.

P.S. tell my sisters that I love them
Violet Brown

Sunday, November 28, 2010

2011 Tour

Schedule is coming together slowly. I now remember why I  use to pay others to do this for me. *sigh* I no longer have that luxury. The many hats of a self pubbed author... I always have so much fun on the road. It's the planning that bites. I am a procrastinator by nature and planning a tour goes against my natural instincts. I plan to have at least five dates confirmed this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me

The Tour Kicks off in Feb and closes in April these are some of the places I would like to visit

Philadelphia (of course)
     Black and Nobel Broad and Erie
     PhillyBookMan 15th and Market
     Horrizon Books Gallery Mall

New York
     Porgo's Book Stand
     Sistar Tea Book Stand
     Sexy Book Stand

New Jersey
     Novel tees
   A New Quality Literary Lounge

   DC BookDiva
   Cartel Cafe and Books
   Michele's Book Stand
   Literary Joint
   Urban Knowledge Book Store: East Point Mall
   Urban Knowledge Book Store: Mondawmin Mall


As always I am open to suggestions, and volunteers. Volunteers Rock!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I have a serious, and I mean serious hankering for mac and cheese. I'm on a friggen diet ( aka voluntary tour through hell) Who does that? Who decides two days before Thanksgiving that they need to make some life style changes?

Uh, that would be me boys and girls.

The house smells like everything good, and holy, and right in the world. A full spread with all the friggen trimmings and I can have none of it. My mother smiled at me this morning. "You can have a little bit of everything as long as you keep the portions small"

I've always suspected that she was a disciple for the devil, and this confirms it. "Small friggen portions my arse.

All jokes aside. I am happy and thankful for the place I'm in today, for family and friends, and a growing readership (Amen and Amen again!). I'm in the holiday spirit. fa la la la la laaaaa and all that jazz. I'm on my way to work. I'm seriously hoping to get a chapter or two done today.

until next time

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I worked out today

Shit wasn't pretty. I was dragged out of a peaceful sleep by one of my hateful coworkers banging on the damn door like she thought I was sleeping with her man. I took a whore's bath ( just washing all the pertinent parts) and ran out the door. After several trips back to the house for this and that we made it to the gym. I hooked up my headphones to the elliptical and brought the damn pain. After about twenty minutes I climbed off that damn torture machine dripping with sweat and five pounds lighter(It's my blog and I'll make up shit as I see fit) lol... I did another thirty minutes of circuit training and left that fucker swag on full.

This was the first time I worked out in months and it felt great. I took a nap, dicked around on amazon, and facebook and decided to start a blog. loving it so far...

I think I can squeeze a few pages in before work and I just may have a proper bath.
Here's a pic

It's an old one...
until next time

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